Management Team

The profile of Key Management Members of Delta-Chem Technologies is outlined below:

Omar S. Rabbah, President & CTO 
A young enthusiastic scientist driven by a passion for science and the environment, founded Delta-Chem on the principle of eliminating hazardous ingredients from industrial chemicals, all of the Delta-Chem products are environmentally friendly and most importantly they are safe for employees as well. Mr. Rabbah is a member of The International Water Conservation & UNEP (United Nation Environmental Programme).

Robert Anderson, Vice President of Commercial Development 
Mr. Anderson a graduate of the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, is responsible for developing new markets for Delta-Chem; he has 5 years of experience in international markets while working for Henkel Chemical Company.

Richard Pingle, Vice-President of Engineering 
Mr. Pingle brings to Delta-Chem over 20 years of experience in technical sales and engineering. His formal training includes engineering degrees from Eastern Michigan University and other fine institutions where Mr. Pingle studied both Mechanical and Electronics Technology. He invested his time early in his career working in the automotive, chemical, agricultural, and foundry. In these industries, Mr. Pingle assumed project management positions, as well as technical sales, quality, process control, system automation, and engineering management. He worked in the past at leading industrial automation organizations such as Durr Systems, Fata Automation, A&M Components, and Ferro-Tech, to name a few.

Dr. Sherif Rabbah, Technical Consultant 
Dr. Rabbah is a chemist with extensive chemical research background in material science were he authored books and several articles. Dr. Rabbah is a member of the Ford worldwide corrosion committee, a board member with Magna Chemicals, and a fellow member of Engineers Without Borders, SAE, SME, and World Water Perseverance (WWP).

Mrs. Ann Cohen, Vice President of Legal & Environmental Affairs 
Mrs. Cohen is responsible for all legal, environmental affairs and international trades.